5 Year Fixed 3.09%

5 Year Variable 2.55%

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TermSpecial RatesConditions
5 Year Fixed2.67%Insured Only, No Frills, 120 Day Hold

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TermBank RateOur Rate
6 Month4.25%3.25%
1 Year Closed3.44%3.44%
2 Year Closed3.54%3.09%
3 Year Closed4.19%3.04%
4 Year Closed4.39%3.09%
5 Year Closed4.99%3.09%
7 Year Closed5.49%3.39%
10 Year Closed5.99%3.74%
VRM Closed3.55%2.55%
Line of Credit3.95%3.40%
*Rates subject to change